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6 Random Facts About The Hobbit

Some of you may know this book, along with The Lord of the Rings are some of my favourite books but some of you may not know that because I don’t talk too much about them…At least I don’t think I do? This is changing now, starting with The Hobbit!

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Introducing The Characters

I was meant to do this post in December last year but I’m getting to it now! I’m sure many, if not all of you, reading this now may know this but I’m writing a book, I’ve posted about it before but never really gone into the characters that much so that’s what I’ll be doing now!

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My 2022 Reading Challenges

Like Goodreads, Storygraph has a yearly reading challenge where you read however many books you have for your goal, which I will be doing, but unlike Goodreads, Storygraph has community reading challenges in a few categories created by its users and I joined one for 2022!

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The End Of The Year Book Tag

I needed a post for today and thanks to this lovely post by Riddhi and it’s the end of the year book tag that was created by YouTuber Ariel Bissett. Am I doing this tag too late since the creator does it for September so some of these questions I won’t be able to answer, like the three books I want to read before the end of the year which is only three days? So I’m just cutting that question, I’ll answer as many I can though!

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My 2021 In Books

Another year has ended and Goodreads is letting us all know what our years looked like based on the books we read this year and I always love to see it! Since I also started using StoryGraph I’ll add some of the extra statistics they track because statistics are amazing and this post isn’t that much to read, it’s mostly just photos of the books I read.

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The Merman’s Quest (Mates for Monsters #2)

This is the second book in the Mates for Monsters series but on Goodreads, it says it’s 1.5 which may be more accurate since, unlike the others that have over 100 pages, this one only has 65 so it’s super short! Probably should just reread this if I’m ever behind on the yearly reading challenges just to up my book count.

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