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Little Girl

10-year-old Iris, moves in with her Aunt after her parents die.
Her aunt is mentally ill and has a caretaker who Iris has never seen before, she seemed nice at first but Iris has a bad feeling about her.

She was only 10 years old and her parents were already dead, murdered by a drunk driver. 
Now she was standing by her Aunt’s front door, the only living family member she had left.
The house was huge, like a mansion, and white with a gorgeous garden which had all of her Aunt’s favourite flowers. She hasn’t spoken to her Aunt since she was seven. All she remembers is how much her Aunt loved her garden, and now that she was standing there and seeing all the flowers she understood why. All the beautiful colours and scents from the flowers calmed her nerves enough for her to finally dare knock on the door.
The woman who opened the door wasn’t her Aunt, she had never seen the woman in her – rather short – life.
“Are you Iris?” The woman asked with a small smile.
“Yes, who are you?” 
“I am Martha, your Aunt’s caretaker.”
Martha took Iris’s bag, “I’ll take this to your room, go fetch the rest of your things and I’ll take them too.”
“That is all my things,” Iris replied lowering her voice.
“This is,” Martha nodded, “Very well, follow me, I’ll lead you to your new room.

Iris was walking down the corridors to the kitchen for dinner after unpacking her things, as she was walking she noticed she walked passed several mirrors, yet never saw her reflection. She turned to a mirror on her right, the mirror was covered with a thick layer of black paint. She looked back at where she came from and saw black-painted squares where all the mirrors were, then she heard Martha called for her. As she continued walking to the kitchen she saw the rest of the mirrors were painted too.
“Martha, what’s wrong with all the mirrors?” Iris asked as she sat down at the table.
“What do you mean? There’s nothing wrong with them,” Martha placed the food in front of Iris.
“They’re all black.”
“They were that way when I came here, your Aunt said she was scared of what she saw in them, I guess it’s her paranoia.”
Martha sat opposite Iris and ate her food.
“Talking about my Aunt, when can I see her? Is she coming for dinner?”
“I already gave her her dinner, you can see her after you finished yours if she’s up for it.”
Iris tried to eat the food with a smile, but it had such a strange taste she couldn’t finish it all, but she thought that she might have to get used to it if it’s how all Martha’s food will taste in the future too. 
After food Martha leads Iris up to her Aunt’s room.
“I’ll go clean the kitchen.” 
Iris went up to her Aunt, “Are you really scared of mirrors?”
Her Aunt didn’t answer, just stared at a wall with a vacant look in her eyes. 
“I like your garden, it’s beautiful, just like you said it was,” Her Aunt smiled and looked at Iris now as if she had only walked into the room and hadn’t tried asking her anything just a second before, “I like my room too, thank you for letting me live here with you.”
Her Aunt tried to reach one arm up to hug her so Iris sat on her bed and hugged her.
There was a knock on the door and her Aunt froze.
“Come on now Iris, let your Aunt rest, she’s sick,” Iris couldn’t understand why her Aunt froze when she heard Martha knock on the door.
Iris left her Aunt’s room and went with Martha.
“Why didn’t she speak to me?”
“She’s sick. I only heard her talk for a week when I came and then she suddenly stopped,” Martha sighed, it was going to be hard if Iris kept asking her questions. Martha went back to the kitchen as Iris went to her bedroom.
On the way to Iris’s room she saw a door and tried to open it, it was locked. I wonder where this leads. She knew it wasn’t Martha’s room, that was on the third floor but then she remembered what Martha told her when she first arrived and got to see her bedroom.

“There are only a few house rules you have to follow; 
  1. No one ever goes into the basement.
  2. You mustn’t go in my bedroom.
  3. Since your Aunt is sick and needs her rest, you’ll have to ask before entering her room. 
  4. Same as the first rule, stay out of the basement.”

Iris sighed and continued walking to her room. 

“Do you know where my Aunt is Martha?” Asked Iris.
“I finally got her out the house,” Martha smiled, “But we’ll have her for dinner, don’t worry.” That’s weird, Iris thought, she has been too sick to move, the entire time I’ve been here she’s been in her bedroom, not able to communicate or move and now she’s out by herself.Iris read her book at the table until Martha finished cooking their dinner.
“Where’s Aunt Beverly? You said she’d be here for dinner.”
“She’ll probably be here soon, don’t worry too much, I’m sure everything is fine!” Martha tried to sound cheerful.

After dinner, Martha went to her room saying she needed to nap. Iris saw Martha put a key into one of the drawers. When she was sure Martha was in her bedroom Iris took the key then went to try it on the basement door. The door opened with a creak, Iris looks at the stairs before going down, shutting the door behind her. Iris turned on the light, which barely lit the room, she saw something shine the dim light and walked towards it. There was a pile of silver jewellery, silver kitchen utensils then she saw a full-length body mirror the only mirror in the entire house that wasn’t painted black. She looked at the silver than back in the mirror and screamed at what she now saw staring back at her.
Iris saw a woman standing behind but she didn’t look right, her skin was rotten and hanging from her body, she looked as though her body had been decaying for longer than Iris had been alive. Iris closed her eyes and slowly turned to face whatever was behind her when she opened her eyes she saw Martha standing there.
“Iris, you know you’re not allowed to be down here.”  Martha looked down at Iris who was turning around to face the mirror again. She saw the same rotten woman and realised that thing in the mirror was Martha’s reflection.
“What are you? Where is my Aunt? What did you do to her?!” Iris screamed with tears in her eyes but Martha just smirked and looked to the left.
“You mean, what did we do to her?” Iris looked in the direction Martha did and saw her Aunt’s dead body missing an arm and cut open with some organs missing and the remaining ones hanging out of her body.
“I did say we’d have her for dinner, didn’t I?” Martha took a step closer to little Iris, Iris tried to run past Martha but got pushed to the ground. Iris fell close to a silver knife and cut Martha when she got close.
Martha winced and put pressure on the cut with her hand, “Now that wasn’t very nice.”
She grabbed Iris by the hair and dragged her up the stairs. Iris was screaming and crying, trying to scratch Martha’s hand off her hair. 
“No need to fight, you’ll end up dead either way, why make it worse little girl? Don’t you want to see your Aunt again?” She laughed and threw Iris onto the stairs. Martha had a spike coming out from her wrist. Iris managed to force herself onto her feet and run upstairs and lock herself in the bathroom. Bad idea Iris, bad idea! She thought to herself once she locked the door. Iris looked around the room for an idea, she started opening the window to climb out but the door flew open and Martha had time to grab her, pulling her back in. Iris pushed herself away from Martha and fell to the side making herself hit her head on the sink so she started bleeding. Martha fell into the bathtub, Iris looked at Martha and saw her knocked out and ran out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Iris opened the door for the dumbwaiter and hid inside.
As she was hiding she heard creaking and looked up, the roped snapped and she fell, screaming. The dumbwaiter crashed and she flew out falling onto the basement floor, cutting her knee. Iris heard footsteps coming closer to the basement door and starting crawling to the knives.
“And what do you think you’re doing?” Martha rushed to Iris and tried to plunge the spike from her wrist into Iris’ head but Iris turned onto her back and held Martha’s arm back. 
Iris managed to twist her body so that Martha fell off her, Iris got up and limped to a knife. Martha ran to Iris, not seeing she held the knife that was now in her stomach. Martha looked down at the knife as Iris pulled the knife up slightly so that her wound opened more, letting more blood spill and her die faster. Martha’s body fell to the ground and Iris went to her Aunt’s dead body, she brought her knees up and rested her head, crying onto her knees.

Thank you so much for reading, this is my favourite of the stories I’ve written so far so I hope you like it!
Please like or comment and tell me what you think about it or any tips to help me improve 🍓

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