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I had hoped I’d have a story for you guys today but I haven’t finish one yet so instead you get this simple and fun reading habit tag I found here over at Madsbooks.

Question 1: Do You Have A Certain Place For Reading?

I like to read in bed. I do want to have a reading corner where I have my bookcases, a good light and a comfy chair but until then, my bed is perfectly fine.

Question 2: Bookmark Or Random Piece Of Paper?

I’ve used bookmarks, random pieces of paper, my phone, guitar picks, pretty much anything around me that I’m not scared will ruin the paper somehow is the perfect bookmark for the time.

Question 3: Can You Just Stop Reading Or Do You Have To Stop After A Chapter/A Certain Amount Of Pages?

I usually stop at the end of a chapter but if I really have to, I can make myself stop at the end of a paragraph but that still feels wrong. At a new chapter just feels like the best place to stop.

Question 4: Do You Eat Or Drink While Reading?

I don’t eat while reading but sometimes I do drink tea. Usually, I get so into the book that I forget about my tea and it has time to get a bit on the colder side before I actually drink it.

Question 5: Multitasking: Music Or TV While Reading?

Much like everyone else’s answer to this…How do you read with the TV on? TV is way too distracting. I do tone out most sounds while reading but I can’t focus on reading when a TV is on, I do have music on though, somehow, I can still focus on reading then. I will either listen to songs with lyrics or just instrumentals depending on my mood before reading even if I don’t really hear the lyrics while reading.

Question 6: One Book At A Time Or Several At Once?

Depends, if I’m rereading a book then I will also read a book I haven’t read yet at the same time but if it’s not going to be a reread then just the one book.

Question 7: Reading At Home Or Everywhere Else?

I read at home or in the library.

Question 8: Reading Out Loud Or Silently In Your Head?


Question 9: Breaking The Spine Or Keeping It Like New?

I’m typically very careful with my books and try to keep them in the best condition I can while reading them but some spines are weaker than others so I don’t stress too much if it happens. I just don’t try to make it happen.

Question 10: Do You Write In Your Books?

I do not, I have a notebook near me for me to write my thoughts in or write a quote I liked and the page it’s on. If I don’t have the notebook nearby, I’ll use my phone to type the notes in.

Question 11: When Do You Find Yourself Reading?

Typically, night time but I can read during the day too, it just doesn’t happen as often.

Question 12: What Is Your Best Setting To Read In?

My bed or the library.

Question 13: What Do You First, Read Or Watch?

That depends on the book/film. Sometimes I’m not interested in the book but I want to see the film and if it’s good enough I can give the book a try but sometimes I feel like the film was enough and I don’t need more of the story which the book would provide.
Sometimes I want to read the book first, or only, and then if it’s good, I’ll give the film a chance. I enjoy seeing another person perspective of the story.

Question 14: What Form Do You Prefer? Audiobook, Physical Book, E-book?

Physical. I can’t pay attention to audiobooks and zone out and miss the whole story. I’ve read a few E-Books, they’re a better format for me if I can’t get a physical copy but I’ll always prefer to get the physical book.

Question 15: Do You Have A Unique Habit While Reading?

I don’t think so. Unless you count slowly moving my head closer to the book as I read so when I finish reading I realise my neck is in a lot of pain?

Question 16: Do Book Series Have To Match?

Of course they do. If you have a book series, the covers and spines should match and look good together on your shelves. Publishers should stop changing them mid-series and wait and give out other editions, I know they already do this but they should do it without ever changing a cover midway.

That’s all for this post! I hope you liked it, let me know if your reading habits are different (or the same!). And feel free to do this tag if you haven’t yet, or if you have feel free to do it again if any habits have changed over time. šŸ“

7 thoughts on “Reading Habits Book Tag”

  1. You’re not alone in not getting how people can have the TV on while reading – seriously, how do they not get distracted? šŸ˜… I can’t even listen to music with lyrics… I’ll start singing along and forget the book!
    And yes – reading on the / in bed rules!

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  2. Iā€™m the same with reading mostly at night! I end up starting starting my book at night and end up staying awake way too late! šŸ˜‚ Glad you enjoyed this tag too!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Same here about the books in a series needing to be in a same edition! I got really annoyed because my Percy Jackson collection consists of 2 editions! Back then me thought it was okay, but me now hides it at the corner of my bookshelf.
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I understand that, I’ve hidden book series for the exact same reason! I had a Harry Potter series that were two editions…My siblings own that one now because I bought one were they were all the same and their spines create the Hogwarts castle haha

      Thank you! šŸ’™

      Liked by 1 person

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