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The Anonymous Bookaholics Tag

Hey guys, I decided to do this tag after seeing it over at A Book Owl’s Corner . I enjoy doing tags, they’re a great way to get to know people and also just to have something to write and do when you don’t know what else to do so I hope you enjoy the tag!

Question 1: What do you like about buying a new book?
So many things but apart from the obvious (having more to read) I think the main thing is turning it into an excuse to reorganise my bookshelves. Sometimes it takes me hours but it’s the best thing, I love it.

Question 2: How often do you buy new books?
Sadly, not that much. Books cost money and that’s not a thing students have a lot of so…

Question 3: Bookstore or online book shopping: which do you prefer?
I prefer bookstore because when you buy the book, you own it! You take it home then and there, online you have to waits days or weeks or months depending on shop and how busy they are.

Even though I prefer shops, online is still how I buy most books now because it’s easier to find the ones I want and in the language I want.

Question 4: Do you have a favorite bookshop?
Physical one, no but online I do really love Book Depository.

Question 5: Do you pre-order books?
I have never done this or I don’t remember ever doing this. There are a lot of books I want before they come out but I still always end up waiting for them to come out before ordering them.

Question 6: Do you have a monthly buying limit?
Like I said before, as a student I don’t really spend that much apart from essentials so I don’t really buy books often, thank God for libraries!

When I do buy a book I usually only buy one at a time unless there’s a good discount or sale and the books I want are actually included.

Question 7: How big is your wishlist?
Pretty big, on Book Depository I have three different wishlists for different types of books.

Question 8: Which three books from your wishlist do you wish to own right now?

Misery is one of my favourite Stephen King films and I have yet to read it but I desperately want it.
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes is by Caitlin Doughty who is a mortician and I absolutely love her! She has a YouTube channel called Ask A Mortician and it’s my favourite YouTube channel. I would love to be able to own and read one of her books but this is the one I want to read the most, it’s an occupation that I’m very interested in.
Warm Bodies, I’ve seen the film and I thought I was going to hate it but ended up enjoying it, it was pretty interesting and then I found out it was a book after watching it. I figured the book might have more of the parts I enjoyed from the film, especially since it’s a series so I’m just assuming (hoping) there’ll be a lot of parts I really enjoy.

Thank you so much for reading! I know this is a tag but I have seen it a lot so I feel like everyone has done it? So I’ll just be tagging anyone reading this who hasn’t…Or has and wants to update the answers! 🍓

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