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3 Books I’ll Be Reading In October

This post will be very short, it’s just which three books that I’ll be reading and why.

1st Book

I saw the film when it was on Netflix then I found out it was a book. I really enjoyed the film, I loved the action scenes and really wanted to get the book. I managed to buy the book a while ago but wanted to save it for “spooky month” which has finally arrived so I will now be reading the book.

I will have already started reading it before this post is uploaded so get ready for a review?

2nd Book

This is a book I’ve wanted to read for so long! I know it’s been pretty hit or miss, mostly due to the point of view the book is told in, but I can’t wait to read it and find out how I feel about the book.

I know there’s a film of this book but I haven’t wanted to watch it yet and I don’t know if I will even after reading it but let me know in the comments if I should give the film a try too!

3rd Book

I finally decided to try pressing the “download ebook” option on Goodreads and it worked, I downloaded the book!
(download ebook option is only available for classics)

I read a version of it for school once but it was a very short version, only 46 pages but the one Goodreads offers has 371 pages so a much longer version! I gave the version I read 3 stars but I’m hoping the longer version will give me more of the story than only a few journal pages so I’ll be able to understand more of the story and enjoy more of the story!

Thank you for reading this horribly long post, I know I just went on and on and I’m sorry you suffered having to read so much text!

I will be reading more books this month (hopefully!) but these are the main three I’m hoping to be able to read, if you have any recommendations (especially horror ones) please leave a comment! 🍓

2 thoughts on “3 Books I’ll Be Reading In October”

  1. Have you read Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge? I am reading that right now and its a pretty good short novel.

    I haven been wanting to read Dracula but heard it reads like a narration… kind of like HP Lovecrafts Herbert West: ReAnimator.


    1. I have not read that one yet, it does seem interesting from what I’ve heard about it.

      The very short version I read of it was all just journal entries of the characters involved, I think 3 or 4 characters. While I did like it, it did feel a bit weird to me like I was reading something I shouldn’t haha

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