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5 Reading Slump Tips

I did a tag recently and one of the questions were about getting over a reading slump and I gave a quick, short answer but today I decided that I should give a more detailed answer with some tips I do and hopefully they can help you too.

Tips 1:
Try reading a different time of day.
When I read, I do it at night and sometimes that doesn’t work and I think I’m going into a slump but then I first try reading the book at day time and it works, I all of a sudden can read the book quickly and with no problem. The next book I can usually go back to read during the hours I prefer (night) but I think changing the time you read is a good way to test if it’s actually a reading slump or your mind not allowing you to read that book during your usual reading time. Or change book if you’re just really not feeling the one you’re reading, forcing yourself to read what you’re not interested in can be what causes a reading slump.

Tip 2:
If you followed the first tip and it worked, you might not even need these other ones but if you are in a reading slump, try rereading a favourite book or book series.
This is something else I do, well all of these tips are something I do but I use this one most. I reread a favourite. Sometimes just reading a favourite can rewire whatever is making you not want to read and remember that this is something you love or maybe even need, sometimes you might only half to read half the book and you can start reading another book at the same time (if you read multiple books at the same time) or you might have to finish a whole favourite series depending on how bad the slump is.

Tip 3:
(If you’re a writer) Write, (If you’re not a writer) try writing.
This one is just to allow yourself to do something else that is still related to books and reading so you don’t have to feel completely without it during the time of the slump, it could also make you want to read because you’re creating your story and that inspires you to read someone else’s.

Tip 4:
Go out/take a break.
One of the problems and causes of the slump could just be your mental health and you need a break. Do something not reading or book related at all. Go for a walk, go to the beach, go out to eat or just do any other hobby you might have, for me that’s drawing or writing. Those two and walking help me feel better so hopefully they might work for you too.

Tip 5:
Wait it out.
This one is not productive at all, just wait for it to pass, do nothing. If you’re not feeling ready to read yet, don’t force it because that could give the opposite effect and make it take even longer until you can read again so just wait it out.

I also do just want to say that right now, with Covid-19 and everything other problem we have as individuals will effect your reading, like last year I read 25 books, this year I’ve only read 6 so far so that’s a massive drop and it’s okay so anyone going through a reading slump, I do think that right now maybe the waiting it out and just watching some tv is the best option at the moment just to keep sanity.

I’m sure you’ve heard these tips before, or read them on (probably) just about every reading slump tip posts but hopefully these do help you guys too! Let me know in the comments of anymore useful reading slump tips if you have any! šŸ“

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