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5 Writer’s Block Tips

Last week I posted 5 tips to get over reading slumps and this week I’ll be focusing on us writer’s, here are some ways to get over writer’s block based on what has worked for me.

Tip 1:
Something I find very useful and very fun is using writing prompts. A writing prompt is something that you can find online where someone has written small plot-line or theme or even given you the first sentence of the story and you write your story based on the prompt. Find one you like and give it a go, this is perfect even if you’re not in a writer’s block to just practice your writing and have some fun.

Tip 2:
Read something, it can be a blog or your favourite novel. Just try reading something because that sometimes can trigger something in your brain that makes you want to write, maybe something happens in the book that gives you an idea for a whole story, or poem, depending on what you write.

Tip 3:
Study writing, there’s always more to learn about a topic you know so during the time you feel you can’t write what you want, you can learn the structure of a genre you usually don’t write in and try writing something for that genre. You can learn more grammar because that’s an awful subject that we always forget certain rules of and also relearn what grammar rules you can break. Learn more about world building or character building, just learn more about anything you want within writing.

Tip 4:
Very similar to tip 1; just write. This time I don’t mean by using a prompt but just write down anything that comes into your head, no matter how bad or nonsensical it is. Write it down and read through it, edit it and while editing the story might come together in your mind and you’ll be able to write it like usual…Hopefully.

Tip 5:
I’ll be using the last two tips from my reading slump post and say, just wait it out/do something else. Ignore the thought of having to write despite not knowing what to write and go watch some tv or go for a walk! Just preoccupy yourself and wait for the writer’s block to leave you alone instead of forcing it and possibly making it worse and take longer for you to start writing again.

That’s all the tips I have for this topic this week, I hope these are helpful even though like the reading slump ones, they’re probably all things you’ve heard or read a dozen times but then just see it as a little reminder of things you can do. Thank you for reading and let me know in the comments if there’s anything else you do to get over a writer’s block. 🍓

6 thoughts on “5 Writer’s Block Tips”

  1. I think you’ve covered most of the tips! 😁 Though with writing, I think it’s way more important to push yourself to write even when you’re not feeling it than with reading – at least if you’re really serious about it. Otherwise it’s so hard to get back into a routine! 😅

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    1. Really? I guess that tip is more towards my Autism then 😂 when I can’t write and force it I just get huge panic attacks and keep feeling like crying anytime I try to write after so for me, waiting it out is sometimes the best option 😅 but taking routines into it…Yeah, maybe don’t wait it out 🤣

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      1. In that case, waiting probably isn’t the worst idea 😉 I’ve actually never really experienced that – for me, finally getting started is usually the worst part, and once I’ve written a little, I usually find my flow again much quicker than I’d thought I would 😂 But I guess everyone’s process is different!

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      2. That’s why it was harder for me to think about tips for writer’s block than reading slump 😂 reading usually isn’t as “everyone’s process is different” as writing or at least I’ve never heard someone say that about reading 😂

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