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Never Have I Ever Book Tag

I got tagged to do the never have I ever book tag by the amazing Naemi over at A Book Owl’s Corner and I’m pretty excited for this, there’s a lot of good questions here and one of my answers will be pretty awful, I’m a terrible person, please don’t hate me too much for it!

This tag was created by Anne with a Book so after you read this make sure you go and checked out both hers and Naemi’s answers to these questions because they’re both pretty great.

The Rules:

  • Link back to the original creator and the person who tagged you.
  • Answer all the prompts.
  • Add one more prompt of your own.
  • Tag at least 5 people.
  • Don’t lie.
  • Have fun!

The Prompts:

Never have I ever… read a later book in a series before reading the first book.

As an adult, not that I remember. As a child, probably but I don’t know since I haven’t checked the order of all the books I read or was read to as a child and I’m not going to allow myself to sit and think about this prompt much longer or else I will go and check the order of all the books I remember from childhood.

Never have I ever… burned a book.

I have. Not a fictional book, don’t worry, just a few Bibles…
In our previous house, to get heat in winter we burnt things in an oven thing in the basement that gives heat to the house, I forgot what it’s called now, I hope you know what I mean. We burnt old furniture, wood, pellets, newspapers and Bibles that the previous tenants (and our landlords) who are very Christian left in the basement.

Never have I ever… read a book I knew I would hate.

For school, yes. But if school hasn’t said “you have to read this book” then I’m not picking a book I know or think I won’t enjoy. I’m not wasting my time on them when there are so many books I think I’ll love that I haven’t read yet.

Never have I ever… wrote a fanfiction about my favourite books.

No, which surprises me, honestly. But I have written fanfictions about wrestling as a teenager but deleted the account for the website I had them on so they’re long gone now, thankfully. This was a time where I wrote but wasn’t confident enough in my stories or writing to post my actual stories so I posted something that I thought wouldn’t put so much pressure on if people read it or liked it or hated it. Now I don’t have these thoughts and I love writing and posting my stories here and you guys seem to like reading what I’ve posted so I don’t have to write those fanfictions anymore.

Never have I ever… loved a book when I was young, yet hated it when I got older.

No, while I may not think as highly of the books I read as I did back then, I still enjoy the books and think they’re fun to read or think back on.

Never have I ever… dressed up as one of my favourite literary characters.

I’m also surprised my answer to this is no. I dressed up a lot as a child and would love to now but can’t find costumes I like the feel of but I never dressed up as a literary character. I dressed up as different types of witches and I even had a devil fire-y dress one Halloween and still said, it’s a fire witch dress so no matter what, I was a witch just not a literary one.

Never have I ever… hated a book by an author I love.

This has not happened yet but it might in the future. I hope it won’t but it could.

Never have I ever… gone into a bookstore to buy one book and come out with many more.

I rarely go to bookstores and in my current area, there are none so all my book purchasing will be online. Even then I rarely buy a new book and if I say I’m buying one book then I’m buying just one, or talking myself out of it and buying none and going to the library instead and borrowing the book or way more books than I thought I would.

Never have I ever… read the ending of a book before reading the beginning.

I’ve only done this once and that was for the second or third Maze Runner books but I only liked three characters in that book Chuck, Newt and Minho, if you haven’t read the books and want to and don’t want spoilers then go to the next question!

But Chuck dies at the end of the first one and then later on Newt does in such a horrible way that really broke my heart, it was evil and rude and I did not like it. After that, I was worried. Was the only character I liked who was still alive going to be dying soon too? So I skipped to the end and skimmed the ending chapter searching for Minho’s name.

The Next Question:

Never have I ever… read a book without the dust cover.

No, I leave dust covers on, I know some people hate that but I don’t mind leaving it on.

Never have I ever… skim-read nearly half a book.

Like I said, skimmed a tiny bit on Maze Runner but nearly half a book? Never. I don’t even think I skim that much while reading textbooks.

Never have I ever… pretended to have read a book that I haven’t actually read.

Not that I remember. There are some books that I remember reading but I’m not 100% sure I’ve actually read it or just heard so much about it that I feel as though I’ve read it and even then, I say no I haven’t read them until I eventually read/reread them…Unless I decide not to because I don’t feel like it’ll be a good book for me.

Never have I ever… seen the movie before reading the book.

This has happened a few times. Only for three reasons:

  • I don’t want to read the book but the film actually looks enjoyable to me.
  • I didn’t know it was a book until after watching it.
  • I can’t afford the book but the film is out on Netflix and it’s the only way I can enjoy the “book” for now.

Never have I ever… read a book someone else is reading by peeking in their copy.

This I’ve never done. I’ve read a book or textbook with someone at the same time. Sometimes it’s with someone who reads at my pace and it works amazingly but sometimes it has been someone slower or faster than me and I’ve had to wait for them to finish the page or they’ve had to wait for me to finish the page. I’ve never done it without them knowing or without their permission to read with them.

Never have I ever… had to pay library fees for returning a book late.

Not that I can remember, I make sure to write down the books return date in my calendar so I see when it has to go in. I don’t remember being so late that I’ve had to pay a late fee because that is my nightmare.

My prompt: Never have I ever... walked into something while reading?

I have. I borrowed a book from the school library and I was there with a friend at the time who did not like books or reading but we had to pick one for class so she was taking her time while complaining about having to read something in the first place. I knew the book I wanted so I borrowed it almost as soon as we entered the library and just sat reading as she tried choosing a book. When she was done, I was in the middle of a chapter and didn’t want to stop reading before I was done with it so I got up to walk to class while reading. I miscalculated how many steps I needed to take to walk to the library door and she tried to warn me just as I walked right into the door, after that, she walked first and guided me to the classroom so I could finish the chapter.

Who I tag:

I know I’m meant to tag at least five people but I only know one other book blogger who also does tags and that person is the lovely Riddhi over at Whispering Stories so, Riddhi, if you haven’t done this tag, I tag you.

And also anyone else who hasn’t done this tag but would like it.

This was a lot of fun to do and I know I’m going to hell for the Bible thing, don’t worry!
Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed reading through all this and let me know if you’ve done any of these things. 🍓

10 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever Book Tag”

  1. Hahahaha, Meena, that Bible thing is even worse than I suspected 🤣🤣 I’m not sure I would even have had the guts to admit to that on the internet… But don’t worry, you’re forgiven – if forgiveness means much coming from an atheist, that is 😉
    And I’ve totally walked into things while reading! I used to read while walking all the time, and even though I got quite good at it, mishaps sometimes just happen 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So fun to read! This tag has been doing its rounds all over again and your post is definitely one of my favourites! For some reason I can’t ever read with the dust jacket on 😀 Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg thank you so much for all the likes, the follow and this lovely comment. It means a lot to me and I’m very glad you liked it! I will be checking your page out after responding, I already have actually, I checked out your WIP and love the sound of it!!

      Dust jackets, for me, are just great, on-hand bookmarks and really pretty, gotta love them haha

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The bible one made me crack up and laugh so hard- please-
    ahh all your answers were just so easy and fun to read 😀 i always walk into things while reading, i almost bumped my forehead on my classroom door while reading warcross lolol

    Liked by 1 person

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