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Craft of Plot Course – 3 Expectation vs Reality

I posted about how I was taking a creative writing program on Coursera and I am soon finished the first course which was Craft of Plot, just one assignment left then this part is finished. I wanted to talk about what I thought this course would be vs what it actually was.

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10 Tips For Your Manuscript

I’ve spoken about word count and book lengths before and in that post I talk about font, font size, typical length of a book based on genre and word page for chapters and books. In this post, I’ll be giving tips for editing and working on your manuscript.

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Coursera: Learning Chinese : Start From Scratch (零到一學中文)

I have now finished the six week course. I want to talk about what it was like and what I had to do in case you’re interested in the course or another course on the website.

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Fear Street Part Three 1666

Finally watched part three of the Fear Street films on Netflix.

Title: Fear Street Part Three 1666
Director: Leigh Janiak
Watch Time: 1 hour and 54 minutes

The beginning of this one was explaining what had happened back in 1666, how Sarah Fier became the witch that cursed the town and how the curse started. The film used the actors from the previous films to play as those characters ancestors and their parts in this story which I really loved. The story itself was lovely and sad. I really enjoyed the 1666 story and how the truth was revealed, I think they did it in an amazing way.

The second half of the film was back in 1994, “1994 part two” as the film said. It was great, now the characters from 1994 knew the truth about the curse on their town and what was happening and they came up with a way to stop it and it was a good plan that I thought was very fun to watch unfold and adjust to the twists the characters faced in the film.

The story in this one made perfect sense to the first two films and answered the questions about the curse well. There were some twists which were great, I loved them and what they did to and for the characters both from 1666 and 1994 and the events taking place between those years. We got to see some more killers who had only appeared in flashbacks in the previous films, explaining the possessions and murders that happened in the town before. Since it was only for the second half of the film, they didn’t pay a huge part in the film but it was still cool to finally see them as killers, being a threat to the group in 1994, along with the previous killers from the other two.

I do think this last one id my favourite, I really loved seeing the origin of the curse back in 1666 and how the people handled it, even if they were cruel but that’s what made it interesting. I think it did a good job in showing how people handle not understanding something that’s happening around them along with the cruelty their fear causes in those moments. It also shows how some people can gain courage in those moments. While all films did a fairly good job showing some form of courage in fear this one really showed all side of fear and how it effects people which was really great to see.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I think this film was a great conclusion to the trilogy, it did look like it might be a fourth sometime in the future but from what I’ve read the creators of the show and Netflix aren’t really sure if this will happen. Even if it doesn’t, I still it was a great ending, both for these characters and for us as viewers.

Thank you for reading, did you watch the films? What did you think of them and which one was your favourite? This one is the shortest “review” but I didn’t want to spoil anything in case you haven’t seen it and want to because if I start talking about it too much, something will probably slip and I don’t want that, just watch it! 🍓