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New Life Update

20th October 2020, I made a post about the future of New Life. New Life was a short story that turned into a sort of series with three parts, these parts are still up and you can read them. They’re under “writing” and “New Life” in my menu and here is the first part if you’re interested in reading it. Now I’m going to talk about what’s happening with New Life since then.

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Future of New Life

Hey everyone, some of you may have already read my short story New Life that somehow got turned into a sort of series? There are now three parts to New Life and in this post I’ll be talking about the future of New Life, some plans and thoughts I’ve been having about the story lately.

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New Life

New Life (#2)

β€œWhere are we going?” I ask.
β€œI don’t know,” she starts driving, infected running towards the car and bouncing off when their bodies hit the sides of it or getting thrown in all directions when mum drives through them. Beth gets out of her state of shock as she watches an infected slam against her window and she starts to cry. I hold her as mum continues to drive.

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