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Craft of Plot Course – 3 Expectation vs Reality

I posted about how I was taking a creative writing program on Coursera and I am soon finished the first course which was Craft of Plot, just one assignment left then this part is finished. I wanted to talk about what I thought this course would be vs what it actually was.

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How My Reading Has Changed

As you grow older, you change the way you do a lot of things, the way you dress, the way you act, the way you think and even the way you read. While I still read children’s books, this has not changed, a lot of other things has and I’m going to discuss some of them in this post.

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Before You Sleep: Three Horrors

The saying goes; Never judge a book by it’s cover but that’s exactly what I did. I was searching for something on Scribd and saw this cover and instantly fell in love and decided to read it. There was only 88 pages so I figured even if I didn’t like it, the pain of reading it would be quick. But I hoped I’d like it because the cover is just too good, nice and simple. But were the three horrors any good?

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Mine vs The Wolf’s Hour

I saw Scribd has a lot of Robert R. McCammon’s books and if you’ve seen any of my previous posts you know, I love him. This is all based on one book, Mine, I have not read another one of his books until now. I have started reading The Wolf’s Hour and while I am nowhere near finished, I feel pretty strongly about the two books and want to compare the little I know so enjoy this weird little post.

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